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Anastasia – Close The Door Free Sheet Music PDF for Piano

Hello music lovers, today I am sharing the piano notes of the song Anastasia – Close The Door. You can use the download links below to download Anastasia – Close The Door PDF scores.

Anastasia Close The Door

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Anastasia – Close The Door

These strangers
Come calling
Soon enough they’re gone
The twilight
Is falling
Lamps will soon go on
And where does summer go?
I will never know
Summer used to last endlessly
Children all in white
Running down the sand
To me…
To me…
These strangers
Sent packing
What do they expect?
So grasping
So lacking
Why not be direct?
The beating of my heart
After they depart
Lying wide awake
Through the night
Will you ever come
Running home to me?
You might…
You might…
I’ve believed so long
I have dared to hope
That the door might open
And that you might enter
Playing hide and seek
Kisses on my cheek
The lamps begin to glow
In my heart, I know
You’re a lie that I’ve waited for
Tell them all to go
Tell them all – no more!
Tell them I close the door

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