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Dogfight Free Sheet Music PDF for Piano

Hello music lovers, today I am sharing the piano notes of the song Dogfight. You can use the download links below to download Dogfight PDF scores.


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So some little prick with a knob for
A dick is gonna get’cha down? Please.
Boys are the same and they all got a
Game; so full of shit, their eyes turn brown.
Don’t expect nothin’.
That’s how they’re made.
‘Cause two sweaty balls means a lush and a rush to get laid.
See if I’m gettin’ screwed, I’m at least getting paid.
At the dogfight, dogfight, dogfight in the ring.
Gotta learn it, face it, hear it da ding ding ding.
And they only pay when a load is blown
So you sit and stay ’til you get your bone at the dogfight.
So he fed you a line talking candles
And wine, bet he spread it thick, yeah?
But where is he now?
Getting cash from the cow while the cow’s in the can
All pukin’ and sick.
You take your money,
Take what you made.
If you don’t play the game,
He’ll be gone, you’re a pawn that he played.
‘Cause we’re all getting fucked, so we better get paid
At the dogfight, dogfight, dogfight take the crown.
Gotta claim it, win it, own it, and don’t back down.
Better hold your nose when you swallow dirt.
If you don’t get some, then you won’t get hurt at the dogfight.
How can you let a pack of jerks tell you this is how the world works?
Honey they’re gonna get their fix.
Time to learn a few new tricks.
Where’s your bark?
Let’s see your bite.
You learn to bite
At the dogfight
How can you let a pack of jerks tell you this is how the world works?
Who are they? (Dogfight)
Who are they? (Dogfight in the ring)
They’re the dogs, no they’re the slimes
Who hurt nice girls for real nice times.
And you don’t need some worthless dime
From a dogfight
Dogfight, dogfight in the ring
It’s a dogfight, dogfight
Hear it, da ding ding ding!
No, you can’t give in and you can’t play dumb.
When you get thick skin, then you’re quick to numb.
If you let them win, then a dog’s what you become…
At the dogfight
At the dogfight
At the dogfight

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